Cheesy Sales Guy

Why “Sales”​ isn’t what you think it is…

For the longest time, I’ve really hated sales people. Not just a little bit – a LOT. To be candid, I’ve thought of them as the scum of the earth…but why?

I know I’m not alone in this viewpoint, but the funny thing is, both customers AND business owners suffer from this misguided, misrepresented picture.

How does this guy make you feel?

Cheesy Sales Guy

Hahaha…gross, right?

These “wheeling-and-dealing” sales clichés have plagued the business world for many decades now. So, how do we overcome this?

Simple. You need to understand that “sales” is not what you think it is. Contrary to what the name suggests – it’s not about selling – it’s about diagnosing. It’s about listening (actively) and analysing what your potential customer needs. It’s about having EMPATHY and a true desire to HELP another human being.

You see, just as marketing is not about “generating leads” (but rather, finding people already keen to buy), sales is not about “selling” – it is simply a process of having a conversation to see if it’s a good fit.

I believe this so much so in my heart that I often don’t even think in terms of “potential customer” or “potential client” – but simply…”client”. If you ask me a question at some point in your life, as far as I’m concerned, you’re a client.


Because life is not transactional – it’s relational. You don’t make friends with someone…only to hang out once and then think “Yep, done!”. That’s only NEVER the case. Life is about meeting new experiences, making new connections, giving value wherever you go and truly appreciating what people have to offer.

Starving Child

This picture encapsulates the true essence of value, of giving, of connection.

You might wonder what a starving child has to do with sales. It has everything to do with sales…because it has everything to do with what’s really important.

At the end of the day, people are not numbers. They are not dollars or clicks – they are human beings who need your help. And so, it is your duty and RESPONSIBILITY to sell ethically to people you believe you can help.

If you TRULY believe in what you do and that it can help humanity, or at least business owners, then you should not hold back in offering this. Don’t push, don’t pressure, don’t lie or manipulate people…you don’t need to and it’s wrong.

Treat people with dignity, respect, kindness and empathy, and the right people will come along and buy…I promise you.

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